How it all started

A young woman, a young man, a bar in Romania, Greek live-music and an invitation to dance… This was the beginning of Rosy’s and Nondas' love story. A lifelong union that guided them across various stages to Agistri, a small island in the Saronic Gulf.
When I saw Agistri for the first time I was intrigued with the green of the pines, the sandy beach and the turquoise blue water”, remembers Nondas. In this wonderful corner of paradise, which in the 70s was still a place without electricity and cars, the young couple settled down and built Rosy's Little Village. A small property right beside the sea: authentic Greek charm, whitewashed rooms full of nooks and crannies amidst lush bougainvilleas, oleanders and hibiscuses. All this makes you empathize with Rosy’s and Nondas' love at first sight for this place.
Life on the island has become easier in the meantime: “In past times women would do the laundry by hand using ashes to make the bedlinen become dazzling white, something that no modern washing powder is able to succeed in”, says Rosy laughing. Now there is air-conditioning, refrigerators and WiFi, but Rosy’s Little Village still emanates this former uncomplicated life and its beauty and tranquillity.
And still, there is Greek music… once a week the voices of Maria and Christina will touch your heart and soul, and still, there is an invitation to dance…

Rosy's Little Village was built in the late 70s by the Agianozoglou Family, and we still run it with the help of our faithful staff.