Tours and cruises

Realizing that additionally to a vacation of  tranquility and relaxation, some of our quests wanted a chance to visit the interesting and beautiful places both around our island as well as close by, we bought a special boat. It is an open sea fishing American boat, 8.5 meters long with two powerful Yanmar Diesel 230HP engines. This beauty holds a maximum of 12 people that are interested in participating in the following tours and cruises.


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Around the Island

It takes approximately ½ an hour to cruise around our small island, with a 20 minute stop for a swim, in the beautiful lagoon of Aponisos.
€10.00 per person

Visit to Epidaurus

09:30 Departure from Agistri, 10:15 Arrival port of ancient Epidaurus
10:20 Departure by taxis to the theater, 10:40 Arrival
12:40 Departure from the theater, 13:00 Arrival in the port
13:05 Depparture for a swim and snorkel over the sunk village / Small snack on board
13:45 Departure for Agistri, 14:30 Arrival in Agistri
Theater entrance fee is 6€ per person. Taxis cost 40€ each, ale retour and they have a four person capacity.
€30.00 per person


Visiting Poros + Hydra Islands

09:30 Departure from Agistri, 10:15 Crossing Poros channel
10:40 Arrival Soupia islet for 30 min. swim, 11:10 Departure for Hydra
11:30 Arrival Hydra, 13:45 Departure for Poros
14:20 Arrival Poros - LUNCH, 16:00 Departure for a 20 min. swim in Poros
17:00 Departure for Agistri, 17:45 Arrival to Agistri
The boat journey takes approximately 1.5 hours from Agistri to Hydra, via Poros. These 2 islands are very picturesque , especially Hydra, which doesn’t have any cars or motorbikes. Donkeys or mules are the main mode of transport. Hydra’s architecture and buildings are extremely well maintained and preserved.
€50.00 per person

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